Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bike Test Battle

So last week I had the opportunity to ride two top end road bikes, the Cannondale Super Six and the Scott Addict.  Coming off my ancient steel framed bike, I knew that both these bikes would feel amazing and that they did.  What was surprising was just how different they both were.  The Super Six was the first one I rode and it had a very comfortable feel and great at absorbing shock.  I would almost say it was the Cadillac and the Addict was the Porsche. Though I really liked how well the Super Six reacted when sprinting.  It wasn’t super jumpy right out of the gate but, rather built up speed.  I felt like I could always go faster. The bike rolled over small hills like they weren’t even there.  The Addict felt stiffer, yet still supple.  It was very efficient and seemed that none of my pedal power went to waste.   It was definitely more twitchy and reactive than the Six.  It moved where I wanted it to, and did so quickly. This bike really excelled when going up longer climbs.  This was probably a result extra stiffness. With both bikes one thing was clear; they are very fun to ride and I didn’t want to get off either bike.