Wednesday, July 31, 2013

USSA not following FIS Standard for 13/14 Ski Season- GS Ski sizing for U16,U18 and U21

This is an update on GS race skis for 2014 for our Tri-State and VARA Racers.

As you know, the FIS has a new standard but it only applies to FIS point races.

Most of the racers we deal with only race in USSA events. USSA has not adopted the new FIS standard for this year but may for next year.

For more info links to a sizing chart from the Rossignol Race Department that outlines the sizing guidelines as well as a copy of the USSA rules. We've found the Rossignol sizing chart to be spot on and a good reference point for all brands.

In summary: 

FIS U18+ lengths are 35m 190cm+ for Men and 30m 183cm+ for Women. 

U16 Racers are not affected by the rule change however strong male U16 racers may want to jump to the women's 183cm length if they are thinking of racing U18 FIS next season. This would be an easier transition. The same could be said for U18 Racers that plan on doing FIS races in the 2015 season.

For U18+ USSA, the rules state that Men need to be on a >21m 180cm+ Ski . Women need to be on a >21m 175cm+ Ski.

Leftover GS skis will be at a premium since they meet this standard.  It seems that for 2014 only Fischer makes a non FIS (USSA) race ski that is longer than a 183cm, making 185cm and 188cm non FIS skis very rare. 

It's been reported that male athletes that need a ski longer than a 183cm have been liking the longer Women's length of 188cm (FIS) ski with its 30m sidecut from Atomic, Rossignol and Head.

I would also encourage athletes to shop early since manufacturers may not have enough skis to meet the demand.