Monday, September 23, 2013

Bend it Like Bode - Devos, U8 - U12

Bend it like Bode

What’s the best ski for your future World Cupper ages 6-11? 

While the focus should be on fun and skill building, equipment does matter at this early stage.

Here at we’ve found that there are only a few good choices of Multi Event skis for U8, U10 and U12 Racers such as:

Available Multi Event Skis include:
Rossignol  Radical RSX  110,120,130, 140,150
Wood Core Cap construction makes this the softest and easiest ski in the range

Rossignol Radical Pro 125,130,135,140,150
Wood Core laminate sandwich construction with vertical sidewalls

Head Worldcup i.Race 100,110,120,130,140,150,160
Wood Core laminate sandwich construction with vertical sidewalls

Beware of Package Skis re-badged  as Junior Race Skis. These “Race Replica” skis do not have the softer flex nor the torsional stiffness of a true Junior Race Ski. The ability to bend the ski, and carve a turn are the fundamentals on which everything else builds on.  Ben Drummond, US Racing and Team Manager for Head Wintersports reports that the Head Worldcup i.Race,  a multi-event ski, “does great for us”, a wonderful flex in all the lengths”.  It's a great tool for young racers.

In most programs all U8 and Development kids belong on a Multi Event ski. As we move into U10, new kids should use Multi Event Skis with some programs suggesting a GS ski sized as a Multi Event.  U12 newcomers can consider a Multi Event Ski, however those moving up the ranks will need SL and GS skis.

Proper sizing is based on athlete’s age, weight, and ability. We’ve found the Rossignol Race Department Chart to be right on the mark with it’s sizing recommendations across all brands.

Junior U8 Ages 6-7 and Devo Team
Junior U10 Ages 8-9
Junior U12 Ages 10-11

Hope you found this information helpful and good luck this season!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

USSA not following FIS Standard for 13/14 Ski Season- GS Ski sizing for U16,U18 and U21

This is an update on GS race skis for 2014 for our Tri-State and VARA Racers.

As you know, the FIS has a new standard but it only applies to FIS point races.

Most of the racers we deal with only race in USSA events. USSA has not adopted the new FIS standard for this year but may for next year.

For more info links to a sizing chart from the Rossignol Race Department that outlines the sizing guidelines as well as a copy of the USSA rules. We've found the Rossignol sizing chart to be spot on and a good reference point for all brands.

In summary: 

FIS U18+ lengths are 35m 190cm+ for Men and 30m 183cm+ for Women. 

U16 Racers are not affected by the rule change however strong male U16 racers may want to jump to the women's 183cm length if they are thinking of racing U18 FIS next season. This would be an easier transition. The same could be said for U18 Racers that plan on doing FIS races in the 2015 season.

For U18+ USSA, the rules state that Men need to be on a >21m 180cm+ Ski . Women need to be on a >21m 175cm+ Ski.

Leftover GS skis will be at a premium since they meet this standard.  It seems that for 2014 only Fischer makes a non FIS (USSA) race ski that is longer than a 183cm, making 185cm and 188cm non FIS skis very rare. 

It's been reported that male athletes that need a ski longer than a 183cm have been liking the longer Women's length of 188cm (FIS) ski with its 30m sidecut from Atomic, Rossignol and Head.

I would also encourage athletes to shop early since manufacturers may not have enough skis to meet the demand.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

By Pat Moore
MIPS Technology - Protect your noggin!

After 15 years of research, MIPS has come to the consumer market.  An acronym for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, MIPS helmets deliver a level of protection for cyclists and skiers not available before.

Here at we were proactive in bringing in the Scott LIN and TAAL mountain bike helmets and became one of the very few online retailers in the United States to stock these revolutionary helmets.

The demand has been extraordinary.  The only remaining LINs in stock are the Matte Gray in Small (51-55 cm).  We have a limited supply of the Universal Fit TAAL in White, Black, and Gray/Yellow.

Grab one for yourself before the supply runs out.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

SuburbanSkiAndBike's Ski Test at Stratton VT

2013 Skis- Our picks of the litter
Suburban Sports, Berlin CT

While Ski Season seems a long way off for most of you, here at Suburban we're already hard at work making sure we'll have the right ski for you at the best possible price.

The 2013 Ski Buying Season will officially kick-off in mid August when the Ski Magazine Buyer's Guide hits the newsstand or your mailbox. I'm always interested to compare Ski's test results with our own since we've already tested them back in early February. Most of the time I agree with the magazine's reviews but sometimes I wonder if they tested the same skis we did.

This year, for the first time we have a little heads up as to which skis Ski Magazine tested, 150 in total. (read for more info  2013 Test Skis Field Set ) .  While Ski Magazine tests over a 5 day period at Snowbird Utah, we do most of our Ski Testing over 3 days at Stratton Mountain Vermont. We also make it a point to get out and Demo/Test skis again with our Sales Reps just to make sure! We also did a Nastar/Beer League test of Recreational Race skis that we'll talk about in another Blog.

More on the specifics later but the end result is most of our staff has skied on almost all of the skis we carry. Suburban Sports will take a pass on skis that we don't feel are up to our standard. Skis we have tested are in the following categories:

Hard Snow
Mixed Snow
Deep Snow*

In addition we've tested Mogul, Race, and Park and Pipe Skis. If you have any questions on what skis are right for you give us a call or drop us a line. Watch for the 2013 skis and visit for killer deals on 2012 Equipment!!

More on our Ski Testers in our next Blog......

*I especially like to test the Deep Snow Skis myself......

Thursday, December 22, 2011

by Pat Moore 

Powder Skis in Connecticut!  

You don’t have to head for the Rockies to find a great selection of Powder Boards.  And you don't have to head west to find great terrain!  Powderhounds have found plenty of stashes at Eastern resorts like Jay, Magic, Mad River, and more!  These boards are versatile and can handle anything thrown at 'em. Check out this lineup at Suburban!         


 Armada JJ

Sidecountry's answer to the freeride rocker ski. Super light with the ability to hop from deep powder to groomed cruisers with ease.

Armada ARG

The forecast says “snow” and it’s not gonna stop. When the weather gets like this and the powder gets deeper and deeper, snow performs much less like a solid and more like a liquid. With our patented EST Powder Rocker, the ARG mixes the necessary requirements of a ski with the principals of hydrodynamics to produce a tool that performs better the deeper the snow gets. And to top it all off, we throw 1mm of side-cut underfoot to make it easier for your friends to get back to the lift, because you’ll probably only let them try it when the weather clears.
Atomic Access
Award-winning and ultra-agile: the Access is the perfect partner for backcountry terrain and the piste.

Thanks to a 100 mm waist width and Powder Rocker, the Access delivers a smooth ride and delivers optimum lift in powder snow, while the additional Power Rocker in the tip area ensures easy turns and maximizes lift. On rough terrain the Step Down 2L sidewall and tip-to-tail wood core absorb shocks and cushion landings. The camber below the binding also ensures optimum edge grip and makes the ski easy to handle on hard snow. The Access is designed for skiers who expect nothing less than total control on compact snow and who like to be well equipped for powder snow adventures.

Here's what Ski Magazine had to say:
The tip-rockered Access is the narrowest of Atomic's powder-specific skis. With 100 mm underfoot, it'll do fine as a one-ski-quiver on many Western mountains. It's a wood-core construction with Atomic's Step Down sidewalls. A shortened sidewall supports cap construction on top, so it has edge-bit but won't be overpowering, and the flex gets progressively suppler toward the tip and tail.

Black Diamond Amperage
Drawing inspiration from big-mountain powder lines, technical comp skiing and everything in between, the Black Diamond AMPerage is a hybrid fun shape that turns any terrain into a creative blank slate. Its deep sidecut, 115 mm waist, full tip and tail rocker and underfoot camber add up to a floaty ski that's as comfortable sending backcountry booters as it is smearing through windbuff or arcing on groomers. The everyday ski of choice for Black Diamond athlete Callum Pettit, the AMPerage is the closest thing you'll find to the mythical one-ski quiver.

•115 mm waist and underfoot camber for effortless transitions from powder to hardpack
• Full tip and tail Rocker for playful, creative, high-performance skiing
• Poplar and birch Internal Wall Core Technology plus an Ollie Bar in the tail for extra pop on take-offs and preventing wheelie-outs on landings
• Formula One Technology with three ribs and Torsion Box Construction for maximum torsional stiffness
• Optimal use: 60% soft snow / 40% hard snow

Dynastar Legend Pro Rider 115

Here's what Ski Magazine had to say:
Dynastar's Legend series has long been a favorite of hard-charging, big-mountain skiers. Every ski has a full wood core, dampening layers of Titanal, and sidewall-sandwich construction that contribute to a sturdy and damp ride, while a rockered tip improves deep snow performance and maneuverability. The Pro Rider 115 prefers powder snow and crud to hardpack, but the camber underfoot helps it navigate all conditions. It's designed for big, aggressive skiers.

K2 Obsethed

Here's what Ski Magazine has to say:
Every model in K2's massive ski collection features one of five variations of the rocker concept: All Terrain (moderate tip rocker plus camber), Speed (very mild tip rocker plus camber), Catch Free (mild tip-and-tail rocker plus camber), Jib (mild tip-and-tail rocker plus a flat midsection), and Powder (rockered forebody plus cambered rear). The ObSETHed is part of K2's Factory Team series, which consists of skis used by K2's pro team athletes. Narrower and stiffer underfoot than the Hellbent, Seth Morrison's pro model is built for charging fast, steep lines and sending big drops, but it retains plenty of width, at 117mm in the waist, to float deep snow. Powder rocker helps it plane high in deep snow and ups maneuverability. Holes in the tip and tail accommodate pre-cut climbing skins (sold separately). This version is sold flat

Kastle BMX108

A true powder ski, constructed for diverse and difficult terrain. The Double Hollowtech and rocker technology deliver enormous boost in powder.

Waist 108 mm: Outstanding handling in powder. The running surface gains about 64 % in comparison with a classic on-piste ski. The combination of reduced weight with a broader waist cut guarantee the optimum uplift in powder.

Ski geometry: The wider radius in the shovel of the DUAL RADIUS BIG MOUNTAIN delivers exceptional stability and forgiving running characteristics. The front radius exits the running track before the contact point, merging the shovel geometry in a straight line. The LOW CAMBER concept minimizes deep powder aggressiveness and provides a harmonious flex line in combination with EARLY RISE. The ski has been reduced to a minimum of 5 mm, enabling greater maneuverability. The EARLY RISE technology improves the uplift and enables a smoother handling under diverse snow conditions. The slight rise of the shovel in front of the traditional contact point enables better floating. For the BMX108 the EARLY RISE design starts at 360 mm. This indicates the length of the EARLY RISE zone, measured from the tip of the ski in the direction of the waist.

Wood core: The core of this ski has been constructed from poplar (0.4 kg/dm³) and beech (0.8 kg/dm³). This enables a very low weight of the ski. The core has been bonded with an adhesive block binder, in comparison with sheet binding, allowing further weight reduction through the reduction of binder components.

Features: Due to the fact that torsional rigidity may be reduced in deep powder snow, both sheets are made of fiberglass plastic (GRP). Additionally this ski is equipped with extremely impact resistant ABS sidewalls. A further reduction in weight has been achieved with the Hollowtech technology that is not only applied in the shovel zone but also in the tail zone of the BMX108.

Line Influence

Are you ready for a little more horsepower to take you beyond the groomed, yet don’t want to be limited by a powder specific ski? The NEW! 2012 Line Influence 105 skis put you right in the sweet spot for the best of both worlds. Its new Capwall™ construction has the intuitive, light & nimble feel of a narrower ski, while the Early Rise™ & Metal Matrix™ provides effortless float & hard charging reliability of a legit big mountain ski. The Line Influence 105 skis are truly in a class of it’s own.

Atomic Bent Chetler

Freeski Pro Chris Benchetler's popular pro model is built for slashing and smearing big mountain lines in deep powder. Its tip and tail taper and along with Atomic's Powder Rocker-early rise tip and tail, with camber underfoot-are designed to give it a loose, quick feel. Designed to be skied backward or forward. A shortened sidewall supports cap construction on top, so it has edge-bit but won't be overpowering, and the flex gets progressively suppler toward the tip and tail. Wood core.

This unique award-winning ski is a dream come true for Chris. On the one hand its huge 123 mm waist width and Rocker at the tip and tail deliver optimum lift in deep powder snow. On the other hand, its camber and sidewall construction ensure stable edge grip even on harder terrain. Upgrades for the new season: not only has Benchetler produced a brand new design, the stiffness of the tail area of this pro model has been increased by 25% for even better performance. The Bent Chetler is the perfect freeski for accomplished backcountry skiers who like to have the very best in professional equipment for every trick.

Line Mr. Pollard's Opus

Opus is defined as A great work of art or literature, especially the greatest single work of an artist. In Eric’s case, his 2012 Line Opus ski is developed over 13 years of progressing powder skiing & innovative ski designs with Line.
As Eric says - “Anyone can make a really fat ski float in powder, but making it also versatile enough to rip firm snow is where they all fall short.” The Line Opus ski is a breakthrough in versatility within the powder ski category. We actually lowered the Early Rise™ tip geometry enabling it to PLANE INSTEAD OF PLOW in the powder. We also reduced the length of Early Taper™ putting 20% more Active Edge™ length in contact with the snow than others in it’s class, for MORE GRIP & LESS SLIP. This better floating tip geometry allowed us to actually reduce the width to 118mm for increased quickness, reduced weight and a skiing experience that is as ahead of it’s time as the skier that developed it.

ERIC POLLARD - Over the past decade I have designed and skied over 100 different prototypes in search of skis that allow me to ride the mountain the way I want to. We have gone to every extreme from super fat 140mm to narrow, to super short, to over 200cm long, extreme Early Rise to no Early Rise, lots of side cuts to reverse sidecut, blunt tips, pointy tips. We have applied every flex pattern we can think of, mounted each ski in different locations and analyzed the differences over and over again, to learn so much from each ski. The new Opus and the Bacon are the culmination of the last 13 years of work. They blend a perfect mix of flex, sidecut, tip shape, overall shape/ footprint, mounting point, Early rise, Early taper, and camber. They are honestly the best skis I have ever skied.

Line Sir Francis Bacon

The 2012 Line Sir Francis Bacon ski has been completely re-designed by Eric for a level of quickness & versatility previously considered impossible in this width, yet with enough float to be worthy of Pollard’s name. Its new break through lower Early Rise™ tip geometry PLANES INSTEAD OF PLOWS in the pow, while the length of Early Taper™ has actually been reduced vs. past years to put much more Active Edge™ length in contact with the snow for MORE GRIP & LESS SLIP. The Bacon’s new smooth reliable flex pattern feels like an extension of your feet, literally carving on a dime as well as it can float in the powder. This is the next level of Pollard approved fun, for everywhere on the mountain.

ERIC POLLARD - "Over the past decade I have designed and skied over 100 different prototypes in search of skis that allow me to ride the mountain the way I want to. We have gone to every extreme from super fat 140mm to narrow, to super short, to over 200cm long, extreme Early Rise to no Early Rise, lots of side cuts to reverse sidecut, blunt tips, pointy tips. We have applied every flex pattern we can think of, mounted each ski in different locations and analyzed the differences over and over again, to learn so much from each ski. The new Opus and the Bacon are the culmination of the last 13 years of work. They blend a perfect mix of flex, sidecut, tip shape, overall shape/ footprint, mounting point, Early rise, Early taper, and camber. They are honestly the best skis I have ever skied."

Rossignol S7

The multi-award winning S7 has changed the powder skiing game. Hard charging expert skiers and struggling intermediates agree the S7 is revolutionary in its ability to make powder skiing easier, more fun and with less fatigue.

The S7 Powder Turn rocker combines low camber underfoot with high tip and tail rocker. This game changer provides the skier with amazing floatation and tracking that gives him an efficient angle of attack for easier steering and instant speed control. The S7 delivers both more maneuverability and forgiveness than any other powder ski on the market.

Rossignol has created the perfect powder tool for any skier who has a fetish for skiing the deep.

Rossignol Super 7

Rossignol's new Super 7 is for professional big mountain rippers and hard charging powder skiers.

Originally, the S7 has revolutionized powder skiing making it easier and more fun for all types of skiers. The new Super 7 is the S7 on steroids, with two layers of titanium on top of that.
The Super 7 Powder Turn rocker combines low camber underfoot with high tip and tail rocker : this game changer provides the skier with amazing floatation and tracking that gives him an efficient angle of attack for easy steering and instant speed control.

The Super 7 ? A damp big mountain, badass powder ski !

Volkl Gotama

Power/Tough Box
Powered by Carbon
Full Rocker

Volkl Katana

Here's what Ski Magazine has to say:
Volkl's freeskiing collection runs the gamut from super-fat powder surfers to park-and-pipe specialists. With a few exceptions, the wider end of the group features more rocker while the narrower end features less or none. Fully rockered and with a waist width of 112mm, the Katana is designed to float easily in deep snow while remaining maneuverable on broken and firm snow.

Volkl Kuro

Multi-layer Sensorwood
Power/Tough Box
Powered by Carbon
Full Rocker

Volkl Shiro

Tested extensively by many, the Volkl Shiro keeps popping up near the top of the BEST lists. Powder is a dream with the rockered tip and tail while the zero camber base raised a few eyebrows with it's ability to produce smooth carved turns on the groomers.

Here's what said: "The Shiro ranked No. 3 when the numbers were crunched, but consider this: It made every tester's Top 5 list-the only ski to do so. Discrepancy? No. Testers had to ding it in Forgiveness (No. 9) and Quickness (No. 13)-because it's huge-but loved Shiro for its unflappable power. To make it manageable, Volkl replaces metal with carbon and makes the Shiro dense underfoot and lighter at the extremities. Rocker helps, too. Still, it's a lot of ski, one that crushes crud (No. 1) and soars in powder. "So easy for such a big ski," said Hogen. "Makes you ski better.""

Ski Magazine designated the Shiro as Gold Medal Gear

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kastle Skis - An Arlberg Tradition!

Kastle Logo

Why do we carry KÄSTLE?  Simply put, this is a brand you should be on.  Originating in the heart of Austrian ski country in 1924  Kästle has grown from skis made of ash to the high tech power machines of today.  They produce models for a wide range of skiing but have really made their mark when it comes to All Mountain skiing.

The single greatest focus at Kästle is quality.  They build skis to the absolute highest standards. The result is functional elegance.  Once you cruise the mountain on a pair of Kästles you will be a customer for life. is proud to offer these models:
Kastle BMX108 -  Double Hollowtech and Rocker construction have combined to produce the perfect deep powder vehicle.
Kastle BMX98 -  Early rise technology lends itself exceedingly well to a wide variety of surface conditions.
Kastle BMX88 -  Extraordinary versatility.  Will perform equally well in side country and on-piste.
Kastle LX72 - At 72mm underfoot, the LX 72 produces turns with absolute precision.
Kastle MX88 -  Its dual radius design allows the skier to initiate quick turns and then exit the turn in a graceful smooth arc.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beer League "Cheater" Ski Specials

by Pat Moore

You know that guy or gal in your age group you wanted to beat all last season?  Maybe the problem was that you were on the wrong skis.  We stock some of the most popular "cheater" skis used in NASTAR and Beer League Racing today.  They're called cheaters because they don't conform to the absurd FIS regulations.  Happily you're not bound by those restrictions.  These skis allow recreational racers like you to easily initiate a turn without feeling like you're manhandling an 18 wheeler.    Clicking on any of the skis below will show you the minimum advertised price.  If you register for racer discounts, you'll be emailed instructions for obtaining racer pricing.  Check out these winners!

Fischer Progressor 10+.  Once in a while a ski comes along that captures a niche. The Progressor 10 has been embraced by Beer League and NASTAR skiers everywhere. The front half of the ski has a tighter radius than the tail. That's a great combination if you find yourself late at a gate. You can make a last second correction without hooking up like you might on a slalom ski. Coming out of the turn will leave you with a sweeping GS turn to the next gate.  Binding included.

The Elan GSX WaveFlex is a lightning-fast machine, designed for expert to professional GS racers. Delivering top performance at every turn, this model boasts with the World Cup proven WaveFlex technology, RST sidewalls and special Dual Titanium reinforcements for enhanced edge control and superior responsiveness. Binding included.

The Radcal 8GS Cascade is a recreational GS ski for technical skiers seeking power and stablility with excellent ski-to-snow contact in long radius turns. New Cascade tip improves swing weight and full edge contact. The 8GS uses a sandwich construction with Oversize technology to improve the skis versatility and ease of turning. Binding included
Made of a proprietary composite sintered base material, Speedwall sidewalls are the latest in a long line of innovations from Völkl's race department. The new Racetiger GS Speedwall features a new shape and vertical sidewall construction to deliver an incredibly fast, yet comfortable ride for the expert skier and night league racer alike. The new rMotion binding system combines race plate technology with the Motion system's all-mountain versatility. Binding included.

Atomic's non-FIS carving machine will put you on the podium. This is the beer league and NASTAR answer. Comes with the Neox NTL 12 binding.  The D2 Race GS is the most successful GS ski at the Alpine Ski World Cup. Key to its success is the innovative Doubledeck technology, which combines two freely gliding decks to create a unique ski. The upper Control Deck distributes the power generated by the skier directly to the softer Adapter (lower) Deck, which is responsible for optimum edge grip. Long turns can be efficiently carved on the edge even at high speeds, while vibrations are effectively absorbed. Making it the perfect ski for performance-driven skiers with a preference for wider turns. Binding included.