Thursday, June 7, 2012

SuburbanSkiAndBike's Ski Test at Stratton VT

2013 Skis- Our picks of the litter
Suburban Sports, Berlin CT

While Ski Season seems a long way off for most of you, here at Suburban we're already hard at work making sure we'll have the right ski for you at the best possible price.

The 2013 Ski Buying Season will officially kick-off in mid August when the Ski Magazine Buyer's Guide hits the newsstand or your mailbox. I'm always interested to compare Ski's test results with our own since we've already tested them back in early February. Most of the time I agree with the magazine's reviews but sometimes I wonder if they tested the same skis we did.

This year, for the first time we have a little heads up as to which skis Ski Magazine tested, 150 in total. (read for more info  2013 Test Skis Field Set ) .  While Ski Magazine tests over a 5 day period at Snowbird Utah, we do most of our Ski Testing over 3 days at Stratton Mountain Vermont. We also make it a point to get out and Demo/Test skis again with our Sales Reps just to make sure! We also did a Nastar/Beer League test of Recreational Race skis that we'll talk about in another Blog.

More on the specifics later but the end result is most of our staff has skied on almost all of the skis we carry. Suburban Sports will take a pass on skis that we don't feel are up to our standard. Skis we have tested are in the following categories:

Hard Snow
Mixed Snow
Deep Snow*

In addition we've tested Mogul, Race, and Park and Pipe Skis. If you have any questions on what skis are right for you give us a call or drop us a line. Watch for the 2013 skis and visit for killer deals on 2012 Equipment!!

More on our Ski Testers in our next Blog......

*I especially like to test the Deep Snow Skis myself......

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