Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summer Storage Waxing ----Are you done skiing yet??

Summer Storage Waxing 

Here are Toko's recommendations for storage waxing of skis.  First, brush the base out with a copper brush. Then drip on a generous amount of System3 or LF Red. Iron it in making sure that there is enough wax to provide a thick layer on the base and that the iron is hot enough to ensure a good bond between the wax and the base. This ironing procedure is normal, but sometimes a person rushes through storage waxing and the wax is not really heated outside of that it becomes liquid. The ski bases often times don't even become warm. This will result in air between the base and the ski and less protection.

Red is our choice for storage waxing as Blue is so hard that it is more difficult to make sure that there is no air between the ski and base and Yellow is so soft that it gets "eaten away" quicker. System3 Red is good, but LF Red is even better as
its consistency is perfect. If waxing skis or a board with metal edges, slop the wax over the edges and cover them too.

1. Brush skis out well with Copper Brush
2. Iron in System3 Red or LF Red making sure adequate wax is used and
that the wax is heated in well.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Experiment

 Evening all!  This is Scott from Suburban Sports and  Its early spring and bike season is here.  Ski season for me came to an end far too fast and too soon, but there is an up side to it all.  Its time to get on the bike.  By that I mean time to get on A bike, not my bike.  The kind folks at Scott-Sports were nice enough to cut us a great deal on a demo bike for me for the season.  Thanks to my boss Peter for making it all happen!  Here is The Experiment though, what happens when you take a guy who has worked for Fortune 500 insurance companies for ten years and put him in a Bike/Ski Shop and give him a nice bike for the bike season.  Will said man become a "Cyclist" by the end of the "season"?  By cyclist I mean am I going to interested in everything European?  Will I be shaving my legs for that little bit of aerodynamic advantage?  I am interested to see where it all ends.  I can tell you the benefit to my health have been great thus far even after getting layed of a year ago from my insurance company employer.  At my previous employer I worked second shift and would snack quite a bit to keep awake and would spend my 8 hour shift sitting most of the time.  Now in the shop I find very little time to sit.  I'm running here and there especially during ski season when we are grabbing ski boots left and right.

Now its time to add the bike into the equation.  I will be riding an XL/58cm 2011 Scott CR1 Team.  Over the next coming months you can "tune in" here for information on how this experiment is going.  I'll let you know what I think of the bike (now to be fair, I have NEVER ridden such a high end road bike).  It will be fun to see how things go.  I hope you will come along with me on the journey.

If you would like, join me and the shop on Thursday nights as we bring back shop rides.  We will start Thursday, May 5th in Farmington the Farmington Valley Greenway. We will push off at 6pm.  You can find more information on our Facebook page.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kastle BMX 98 Review

By Peter
What a perfect day to test this wonderful ski! A spring snowstorm just dropped  6-8 inches of new snow and we were at Cannon Mountain with Marc Sheehan of Kastle Skis to enjoy it! After a few hours of tracking up  Cannon we headed over to Mittersill and continued to get some fresh tracks. The BMX 98 gave me the confidence to charge hard in what otherwise would have been difficult conditions. Like I said, the snow underneath was rock hard and the BMX 98 held its carve. It was very easy to vary the turn shape, and found the ski to have both amazing floatation and balance most likely due to the slight early rise. Look for this ski and other hand picked Kastle models in Suburban Ski and Bike's rack come this September. Visit our website for more details.