Wednesday, June 19, 2013

By Pat Moore
MIPS Technology - Protect your noggin!

After 15 years of research, MIPS has come to the consumer market.  An acronym for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, MIPS helmets deliver a level of protection for cyclists and skiers not available before.

Here at we were proactive in bringing in the Scott LIN and TAAL mountain bike helmets and became one of the very few online retailers in the United States to stock these revolutionary helmets.

The demand has been extraordinary.  The only remaining LINs in stock are the Matte Gray in Small (51-55 cm).  We have a limited supply of the Universal Fit TAAL in White, Black, and Gray/Yellow.

Grab one for yourself before the supply runs out.


  1. Thank you for stocking these helmets. I do road cycling and there are no road-specific helmets with the MIPS technology yet, so went with one of the Lin helmets in green. One of my team mates bought one within days. It is not the lightest of helmets and the adjustment mechanism could be a little better. Overall, it looks good and the additional safety feature, marginal as it might be, is worthwhile.

  2. Any idea when the MIPS system will filter down to the regular race helmets for junior alpine ski racers? I know there is a downhill race helmet with MIPS and some regular adult helmets. No real choices for junior racers though.