Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Checking out Cannondale's New Claymore

By Tyler-
On Friday, Cannondale let us test their two newest mountain bikes at Highland Bike Park in Northfield, NH.  The days vibe was awesome.  Highland proved to be the perfect testing grounds with a wide range of lift serviced trails.  The trails have lots of flow with berms and jumps everywhere.  There's also some tech sections and big hit drops that are tons of fun, but you can also ride around everything if your not up for that stuff. 
Cannondale was offering up the all new Jekyll and Claymore.  I found myself stuck on the Claymore.  This is the bigger of the two with the rear travel either at 180mm or 110mm.  This makes it the most versatile bike I have ever ridden.  It is like having two bikes in one.  With the flick of a switch on the handle bars, I was able to make the big hit 180mm's of travel into an all mountain, easy to pedal, 110mm's.  This also made the bike easier to jump with.  Another thing that sets these bikes apart from everything else out there is weight. All day I was talking to people that just couldn't believe that an aluminum 180mm bike could be so light(around 33lbs for the Claymore and under 30 For the Jekyll).  Both bikes also come in a carbon flavor for all you weight weenies who want it even lighter.  Overall, the Jeckyll which has a 150 and 90mm travel and the Claymore are the ultimate one bike quiver and very fun to ride.   

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