Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Game Changer - Fischer Vacuum Ski Boot System

By Pat Moore and John Budd

Rarely does a new product elicit this amount of buzz and frequently the excitement dies away.  Not with Fischer's new game changer, the vacuum system.  Erik Anderson, Fischer Alpine Division Vice President of Sales and other members of Fischer's staff visited our shop today to put on a clinic on this incredible new ski boot fit technology.  Several area skiers and reps were on hand for the demonstration and were blown away.  A notorious skeptic was won over with zero reservations.  He could not believe how perfect a fit he was able to get after undergoing the fifteen minute three-step vacuum fit process. The others on hand (two ski coaches, a ski rep and a member of the sales staff) had a wide range of foot shapes and irregularities and all expressed the same sentiments.  One coach's first comment was, "Can I give you my credit card now?"  The consensus was that Fischer has forever changed the future of ski boot fitting.

By the introduction of a completely different low temperature moldable plastic, Vacu-Plast, Fischer can address the most difficult fits.  The boot literally molds to the shape of the foot.  This new technology has even eliminated many of the alignment challenges (over-edged and under-edged) so problematic in past boot fitting. Since the boot is also molded to match the angles of the lower leg, the skier is able to stand flat and balanced reducing the need for boot-sole grinding and canting.

Upper cuff molds to angles of lower leg
Even a 103mm fore-foot can be fit!

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